Makeup Speak Dictionary

This section is dedicated to explaining some of the more commonly used makeup terminology to beginners who may not be familiar with it. It will be updated and expanded as needed and is by no means exhaustive!


EOTD: Eye of the Day

Finish: The way a product looks on the skin after it’s been applied. Example: satin finish eyeshadow will have a smooth sheen to it. There are various finishes: frost, satin, matte, velvet, silk, shimmery, etc, etc.

FOTD: Face of the Day

Hitting pan: Reaching the end of a product in a pan (the pan shows through because you’ve hit the bottom of the product).

Holy Grail Product: a product that is, for you and your purposes, the most perfect of its kind (Holy Grail mascara, Holy Grail highlighter, Holy Grail foundation, etc, etc)

LE: Limited Edition

Makeup: Any kind of coloured cosmetic used to “paint your face” (as opposed to: Foundation: a skin-toned base designed to even out skin colouring)

Palette: A box of any shape or material (metal, plastic, cardboard) containing a variety of inset products.

Primer: Usually (but not always) transparent product designed to prep an area so that the applied makeup will last longer and look better. There are various kinds of primers, like face primers, eye primers, lip primers. Primer goes on after skin care and before any type of makeup. They often contain silicones.

Refill: Refers to a metal pan full of product (usually a pressed powder product like an eyeshadow, but you can also have lipsticks in a pan). Refills are just the pan with the product, no outside packaging. They can be stored in palettes and usually cost less than the same product in it’s full packaging.


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